Vending Machine - A safer way to provide food and drinks

Let's face it, Covid-19 hit us and it hit us hard. Things that we considered normal and perhaps took for granted will never be the same. For example the luxury of walking into your employee break room and helping yourself to an open box of donuts. We now think to ourselves, "Who delivered these?" "How many people have touched them?" "Was the delivery person wearing a mask?".

This virus has impacted every industry and forced us to not only reevaluate our policies and procedures, but to innovate and grow stronger in our perspective fields.

Organizations are currently in the process of creating new and improved ways to take care for their teams, students, and customers. How will cafeterias look? Will lunch be broken up into shifts? Will your breakroom have cubicles?

Having procedures in place that require limited contact between the comfort of food and drinks and the amount of hands it touches is key and a Vending Machine is the perfect solution.

The food service chain gets products out of the warehouse and into the hands of those you care about most with little to no risk of contamination when it comes to Vending Machines.

Email us or chat with us today if you're interesting is having safer food service options at your organization.

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