Having trouble getting your team back into the office?

Not sure if you heard the news, but our Governor, Gavin Newsom announced just last week that we are wiping the tiers away and opening up all sectors of organizations and business come June 15th

This means as long as we keep up the good work (wearing masks, staying 6ft apart, and of course getting vaccinated when available to you) we can all head back to work and enjoy a sense of "normalcy" in time for summer.

Now brings the issue of people wanting to or being ready to go back to the office. As I mentioned in a previous post, there may be some anxiety around this.

As an organization it's important to remind people of the positives surrounding heading back to the office. It's also important to outline the safety measures taken.

Some positives you can share with your team:

  • Tech neck is real and can be avoided by heading back to the office

  • The breakroom is a fun place to engage with someone other than your kids

  • Going into the office gives you a reason to shower and be a presentable member of society

As an organization you'll need to coax your team back with incentives. I'll tell you right now one of your strongest leverage points is offering free food and drinks.

Providing your team with free snacks, lunch, and drinks onsite is a get way to get them back. They're getting out of their kitchen, getting away from snacking at home all day aka getting away from those stretchy pants, and saving the lunch money they've been spending at Trader Joe's or DoorDash.

Some safety measures to share with your team:

  • CDC acknowledges that Covid is highly unlikely to be transmitted on surfaces

  • Ventilation upgrades are more effective and will be updated at the office

  • Breakrooms are just as safe if not safer than grocery stores.

Providing snacks and drinks to your team is something that any organization can fit into their budget. You don't have to b as big as Google or Facebook.

Did we mention it's also a tax write-off?

Schedule a free 10 minute virtual consultation with us today and we'll help you come up with a plan to get people back to the breakroom. I mean office.

Ashley and Chris



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