Goodbye Quarters. A New Way To Pay.

Hi, friends! Happy Friday!

This week I wanted to introduce you to some new technology we'll be rolling out at all of our locations.

Over the last year, we've tried to pivot and figure out want our locations need when comes to feeding their teams safely.

The necessarily technology has finally arrives!

PayRange makes it possible to make a vending machine virtually touchless and we are here for it!

Say you're at work, in the breakroom, and really need that Diet Coke, but forgot your wallet at your desk. I'm 100% certain you have your phone. Here's what you do:

  1. Scan the QR code on the machine

  2. Download the app

  3. Create profile with corresponding machine location

  4. Load funds onto your profile via Apple Pay

  5. Choose your item

  6. Watch it drop

  7. Enjoy!

PS - The more you buy, the more incentives you get. Join the rewards program on the app and get free snacks and drinks. Just like Starbucks!

Here's what this beauty looks like in person

We can't wait for our locations to see this in action!

See you all soon,

Ash and Chris

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