Breakroom Updates

Happy Friday, friends! Is it just me or is March flying by? Well happy Friday! We made it through the first week of MARCH. That's something to celebrate in and of itself.

On that note, let's chat about office breakrooms.

I'm going to be honest here...going back to the office can be a little bittersweet and might even bring on a little anxiety.

Having to get ready, wear pants, put gas in your car, commute to work, etc...

The up-sides are getting to see humans again, having adult conversations, and of course taking that well-deserved lunch break.

Speaking of lunch break, as we all head back to the office, even if it's at a part time level, take a moment to think about what your breakroom was like. Was it full-service? Did you have a communal coffee pot? Maybe a fancy cafeteria? Salad bar?

I can guarantee whatever the situation was, when you return your breakroom will be a lot different.

Next week on our Instagram we'll be asking you all a little about what your breakroom situation looks like so that we can better learn how to serve our existing clients and how to guide prospective clients toward the right solutions.

As vending machine operators we offer the safest option when if comes to providing the workplace with breakroom goodies. All of the sandwiches, salads, snacks, drinks, and coffee are tucked away in an enclosed environment and only reach your hands when they are selected by you.

Keep this in mind and make sure your employer is choosing vending as the primary option of providing sustenance to the team.

If they're unsure of how to incorporate a machine into their plan, they can contact us here. We are ready to help!



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