At Noor Ventures, serving you is the most important thing we do, and your health, safety and well-being remains our top priority.  The coronavirus COVID-19 has greatly impacted our community and daily lives, but we are moving forward and are here to assure you that we have taken action at our locations and within our company to continue to protect and support our family and our customers.

Hard Surface Cleaning

We have increased the routine cleaning of the high-touch, hard surface areas of our vending machines. Such as the card readers, pin pads, product doors, and bill and coin validators.  These surfaces will be sterilized before and after the machine is serviced.

Image by Stéphan Valentin

Stock Levels

We will continue to work hard with our vendor partners to ensure the items that you want most are continually available. If we do run low or out due to the current increase in demand, please know we will be working with urgency to replenish our machines.  We ask for your continued patience as we are doing everything we can to keep our locations happy and healthy.

Image by Wade Austin Ellis

Safe Food Handling and Hygiene Practices

We continue to remain vigilant about following our standard safe practices for food handling and hygiene. We require all of our team members to wear a mask and gloves while onsite at locations.


We will also continue to sterilize our shipping containers when receiving product at our facility.


Staying Healthy

You may notice new products in our machines.  As we move forward and continue to grow stronger as a community we will be adding items that focus on supporting your immune system.  We are here to fuel those you care about most.

Image by Jamie Street